A Drummer's Testament:   chapter outlines and links

Volume III Part 6:  Conclusion

III-27:  Reflections on the History of the Work


1.  conclude with history and difficulties of how John and Alhaji Ibrahim did the work

John’s initial training in drumming

2.  John’s arrival in Dagbon; asks to learn drum beating
3.  John returns from travel to start drumming; arrangements for charges
4.  John begind lessons; encouraging start; Alhaji Ibrahim delegates two drummers to teach
5.  issues with the two drummers; Alhaji Ibrahim rejoins the lessons
6.  Alhaji Ibrahim observes John’s character and dedication to learning
7.  John learns more than expected
8.  John accompanies drummers to performances; asks to add more knowledge
9.  further conflict with the other teachers; Alhaji Ibrahim blames them and not John
10.  Alhaji Ibrahim’s advice to John to manage the lessons with patience
11.  Alhaji Ibrahim sends John to Alhaji Adam Mangulana for medicine
12.  John buys drums and guŋgɔŋ; demonstrates more commitment
13.  John’s respectful demeanor

Development of the relationship

14.  John leaves on good terms; some people criticize the lessons
15.  Alhaji Ibrahim and John correspond; John responds to Alhaji Ibrahim’s wife’s death; the friendship continues
16.  resistance and arguments against the friendship; Alhaji Ibrahim and John disregard the criticism; John returns to continue lessons

Development of the lectures

17.  Alhaji Ibrahim begins teaching “hidden” talks; Baŋgumaŋa and Ʒɛm; John makes sacrifices; sign of respect
18.  Alhaji Ibrahim’s instructions regarding the significance of the sacrifice
19.  the initial interviews on the hidden dances set format; John returns and asks for lectures on Dagbon
20.  Alhaji Ibrahim’s doubts about how to lecture
21.  Alhaji Ibrahim decides to talk about what he knows to be true; trust in the truth
22.  from the start, the talks go well; confidence in their value
23.  criticism and arguments against the work
24.  the elders support the work; Alhaji Ibrahim refuses the criticism of young people and outsides
25.  naming the elders who encouraged the friendship of Alhaji Ibrahim and John
26.  John sends Alhaji Ibrahim on pilgrimage to Mecca; significance of the gift
27.  the work continues; the difficulties of organizing Alhaji Ibrahim’s pilgrimage; the benefits of patience

Alhaji Ibrahim’s intentions and motives

28.  happiness and shyness
29.  respect for differences and distance between John and Alhaji Ibrahim; not because of money but for all to benefit
30.  enhance the name and reputation of Dagbon
31.  extend the knowledge of elders and ancestors
32.  involve the group and associates for guidance
33.  John’s sickness; the work continues over many trips; re-reading and repairing the talks to finish them

The benefits of the work

34.  Alhaji Ibrahim’s confidence in the talks
35.  the work has its extent
36.  blessings and benefit of the friendship and the work
37.  the work should benefit all involved; good to conclude with a sacrifice
38.  comparison to the sacrifice for the old talks
39.  the suggestion of a sacrifice is a recommendation that John and choose to follow or not
40.  the sacrifice is to secure the benefit of the work
41.  John has no debt for the work; friendship
42.  John should respect the work and present it with respect